Emoji Party
Ages 10+ 3 - 12 Players 20 - 45 Minutes Gameplay

Emoji Party

Emoji Party Emoji Party Emoji Party Emoji Party
Emoji Party
Emoji Party
Emoji Party
Emoji Party

The Internet’s favorite party game

Emoji Party is a fast-action party game for friends, families and drunken fools.

Spot matching emoji cards and win the race to grab the to replenish your deck.

Run out of cards and you’re out (for now). Get back in the game by grabbing the eggplant.

How to Play


1. Objective

The winner is the last player with the cards in their deck. Spot matching Smiley cards and grab the eggplant to replenish your deck.

Getting Started

2. Getting Started

Deal all the cards as evenly as possible. Place the eggplant in the middle of the players.


3. Gameplay

Take turns flipping your top card into your personal discard pile.

Smiley Card
Quickly scan the top card in everyone’s discard pile. If there’s a match, it’s a race to grab the eggplant.

Action Card
Follow the instructions on the card.

Winning the Eggplant

4. Winning the Eggplant

The player that wins the eggplant adds cards to their deck based on the icon on the matching Smiley cards.

The eggplant winner adds their own discard pile to their deck
The eggplant winner adds any one player’s discard pile to their
The eggplant winner adds all the discard piles to their deck.


5. Gameplay

The last player with cards in their deck is the winner.

6. Next Round

The winning player deals the next round.
Before dealing they remove the Pile of Poo Action card and give it to the player of their choice.

Emoji Party

Emoji Party

Emoji Party

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