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The adult party game you probably shouldn’t play!

Answer unthinkable “what would you rather do” questions that are set up by your friends.

When the fastest answer wins, what will your friends let slip?

Uncover hilarious truths about your friendships with questions like “who would look best as the opposite gender?”

Discover who knows you best - all players answer pretending to be you when you’re in the Hot Seat!

The hilarious party game that’s one part UNO, one part “Never Have I Ever”, and one part calling your friends out on their sh*#.

Find out hilarious truths and lies about your friends and family.

The "What Will Your Friends Fall for? " Party Game

History Trivia Game is a fast-playing strategic trivia game for the whole family. Over 2,000 questions across five fantastic categories spanning the entirety of human knowledge!

Dyce Party Games Are "Spit Your Drink Out" Funny. But don’t take our word for it…

A game that’s a step between “adult conversation” and college-level drinking games.

- Buzzfeed

The information unearthed in this hilarious party game is the kind of stuff you can never un-know..


quite possibly the best card game on the planet.

- Jay Humphries