Liar Liar + Expansion Pack

Liar Liar + Expansion Pack
Liar Liar + Expansion Pack
Ages 10+ 3+ Players 30-60 Minutes Gameplay

Find out hilarious truths and lies about your friends and family

Who said liars never prosper?! Liar Liar is the hilarious new game all about tricking your friends, sharing crazy stories, and figuring out who the BEST LIAR is. Each round players share a short, personal statement relating to one of their topic cards. If you get the secret role of LIAR, you have to lie! Everybody else has to tell the truth. You win by identifying the liar, and by tricking your friends into thinking YOU are the liar.

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How to Play


1. Share

Each round, the TRUTH cards are shuffled and dealt with one LIE card mixed in. Take it in turns saying something about yourself that relates to one of the cards in your hand. If you get a TRUTH card, you have to tell the truth, but If you get the LIE card you have to lie.

Step 2

2. Step 2

Now’s the fun part! Ask a couple of follow up questions if you think someone’s story sounds fishy… and then… it’s time to vote for the player you think is lying.


3. Reveal

After the vote, everyone flips their secret Role Card, to reveal if it was a TRUTH or LIE.


4. Scoring

You get 3 points for identifying the liar.

You get 3 points if you were the liar but nobody guessed it…

AND you get 1 point every time your truth was mistaken for a lie… so make sure to tell your craziest TRUE stories - the ones people won’t believe actually happened!

The Game of Truth and Lies

Liar Liar + Expansion Pack

Liar Liar + Expansion Pack