Rabbit Hole + Expansion Pack

Rabbit Hole + Expansion Pack
Rabbit Hole + Expansion Pack
Ages 10+ 3+ Players 20-45 Minutes Gameplay

What will your friends fall for?

We took the most revealing internet searches and removed the last few words – can you guess the most popular ending? Players take turns reading the beginning phrase to popular internet searches and must then try to complete it with the most believable answer. They don’t need to be right; they just need to fool their friends into believing their answer is! However, the correct ending is always mixed in, so you’ll have to be savvy with your submission. What might your opponents fall down an internet search query rabbit hole for themselves?

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How to Play

Draw a card

1. Draw a card

Each round, players guess what people search for on the internet. Draw a card and read one of the prompted phrases aloud.

Submit a guess

2. Submit a guess

Players write and submit their own endings to the phrase. The correct ending is mixed in with all answers, so players will need to get creative in how they attempt to fool their friends into believing their ending is the right one! 

Read aloud

3. Read aloud

All possible endings are read aloud, and players then try to guess the most popular finish to the search query. 

Score points & win

4. Score points & win

The Leader reveals the correct answer. Points are tallied on the score sheet by the Leader – one point for every guess a possible ending received. The player to their left then becomes the Leader for the next round. The first player to 25 points wins.

  • Fool The Other Players - 1 point for each player that guesses your ending instead of the correct ending.
  • Guess Correctly - 2 points for guessing the answer from the card.
  • Submit It - 4 points for submitting the correct answer.

The What Will Your Friends Fall for? Party Game

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Rabbit Hole + Expansion Pack

Rabbit Hole + Expansion Pack